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What you need to know about Rolemaster.

Just a d100, Openended roll means that any roll more than 94 those is rolled again and added to the roll

Character Generation
Temp Stats are your current values and Potential Stats as high as they go. Temps give you a bonus to skills and deveoplment points to buy skills each level. Rolemaster is a skill based system (even your hit points), your class determins your skill point costs, base spell lists, and what skills you get a bonus. Any class can learn any skill it just costs differently.

Races and backgrounds
Races give you special abilities and stat bonuses, this is balanced out by background options that you choose to give you special abilites,stat bonses, special items, wealth and status.

Three main Realms of Magic;

  • Channeling – God given magic
  • Mentalism – Magic of the mind
  • Essence – Manipulation of the magic around you.

There are 4 groups of classes;

  • Arms users – no base list can learn open and and closed but it is expensive
  • Semi Spell users – half spell user/half non
  • Hybrid spell user – Access to 2 realms of magic
  • Pure spell user – Focused on one realm of magic

Spell lists is a list of spells that fit a theme, if you have 5 ranks in the list you know the spells up to 5th level. Base lists are cheapest to your profession, Closed lists are cheapest to your realm of magic, Open any one can learn.

Rolemaster is a power point based system, You buy power points (pp) with your skills and you may cast any spell up your level without any difficulty, a 1st level spell cost 1 PP and a 4th costs 4 pp ect.

Skills are grouped into Categories you can increase ranks in the categories and the individual skills. For the first 10 ranks you get 3% for the individual skills, 2% for the Category skill. most skills have a mutiple cost like 2/5 which means 2 development points for the first rank and 5 for the second each level.

Attack skills (Dagger) usuall rolled against a attack table.
Moving manuever skills (Acrobatics) are rolled against the moving manuever table (GM determins the difficulty) which gives a number which can be the percent of the task done (climbing) or percent pass fail (jumping).
Static skills are rolled against their category table.

Resistance rolls
Each realm of magic, poison, fear, and disease all have a stat bonus associated with them. Resistance is level vs level contest same level you have a 50% chance of success.

Everyone has a AT (Armor Type) 1 for clothes up to 20 for full plate, the larger the number for armor the more times you get hit (HP) but the less damage you take (criticals)

Everyone has a DB (Defensive Bonus) Shield, Position, Quickness and parry all add together for a bonus that is subtracted from a attack.

Rolemaster has been called roll master before because of the amount rolls even though it really doesn’t have any more rolls than D&D. It has also been called table master and there is always a table for that, all attacks, falls, elemental attacks, and skills are resolved on a table, Rolmaster uses a critical tables for damage which can lead to some humorous results, instant death, broken bones, damaged organs, stun, and bleeding,


We all use the same excel spread sheet to calculate all the bonuses and penelties

New to Rolemaster

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