Guild World


Retidine is slightly larger than the average planet (11000miles diameter). About three fourths of it’s surface is covered with water. Retridine is known for the emphasis it places on its economy. Many large corporations that do not have any ties to the Cartel exist here. The Cartel resents their existence and would like to control them. Retridine has the most independent economy in the Twenty Worlds, because of the Cartel’s controls on every other world. Guilds are a very important force. Almost every profession has its guild-farmers, woodcutters, shoe salesmen, etc. They are both economic and social organizations. Retridine’s government is a council of corporate presidents, guild masters, and wealthy merchants. This council meets in the bustling capital of Thesra in which most of the major corporations and mega guilds are based. The fauna of the world is not very developed. There are a number of small mammals and birds that prey on each other but no large predators or even large herbivores. Any draft animals on Retridine were imported from other worlds.



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