Shades of Black

Guild War

The party has been hired by the local priest Rhegul Davon to identify the cause and stop a horrible battle that his visions have been telling him about.

After looking around the party discovered a blood feud between the Albilast family and the Ebon family. The two powerful families running the Omni-Guild on Retidine. After visiting both of the headquarters in the daytime. they follow a odd character named Thibol Remmoc a agent of the Cartel. They break into Thibol’s room when he is sleeping and steal his papers which proves the Cartel is selling/giving Softech to the Albilasts. They report this information to Rhegul who immediately send for the Sanhardrin (Church troops). Before the Sanhardrin arrive the Albilast family and troops are wiped out during the night with what looks like Poisonous spores. Thibol has disappeared. The Sanhardrin arrive and lock down the city, and the party gets out of there. The party finds a huge sum of gold on the ship, where it came from, they don’t know, but they have claimed it as theirs.



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