Desert World


Palamad is a desert world. One small sea is fed by the ice at the northern polar cap, but no other major bodies of water exist. Yearly rain fall for most areas is well below half an inch. Some sociologists blame the harsh desert climate for Palamad’s violent history. The Softech coolsuit, also used on Bothom, is a common Softech item here. Theraqui, the old impeial capital, is one of the largest cities in the Worlds. The Citadel Temple Pimus, the “headquarters” of the Church, is located within it. The Council of Archbishops meets here. The complex is the home for 10,000 Church personnel. The rural population, which makes up most of the people of this large world (13,000 miles diameter), employ themselves as thynot herders or subsistence farmers. Thynots are goat like animals that are well adapted to the desert climate. The farmers have actually developed crops that grow well in the desert (an example of Softech use before its actual beginnings). The government of Palamad is built upon the relics of the old empire. It is a totalitarian state, and the current emperor, Kibad Theonis II, has total political power. The animals and beasts of Palamadare all adapted to the desert. Many are nocturnal. A species of bat winged snakes called rippers are a danger in the deep desert, as are the vicious sand wolves. There are no insects on Palamad. Skeletons of a humanoid avian race have been found, but these fossils are so old, it is assumed this race flourished over five hundred thousand years earlier on Palamad before the desert claimed the world.



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