Mining World


A very large world, only a small portion of Leisarn is inhabited due to the frequent, violent electical storms that plague most of the surface. A small section near the equator, because of the conigura-tion of the mountains and other topography, is fairly safe. The majority of the world’s population is gathered in cities-unlike many worlds. Most of the people on Leisarn work in some capacity for the mines. Leisarn is rich beyond the scope of any of the other Twenty Worlds in valuable ores: gold, platinum, iron, silver, tin, and copper. Gem stones are extracted as well. The mines go deep into the planet’s surface. Making things dificult for the miners, however, is the fact that Leisarn, due to its mass, has an oppressive gravity. Softech enhancements for strength are becoming more and more common on this world that has long been known for its very small yet very muscular population. The world is ruled by a totalitraian state, headed by a dictator named Thicar Roesman. The government constantly prints propaganda leaflets dealing with work ethics and the importance of work. The capital building is the tallest building in Simonid. The controversy which is now rocking the world is the inflow of replicant workers to labor in the mines. If replicants take over the mining, it will put a huge segment of the population out of work(but not all, many work in mining administrative positions). This has the populace angry, even though it would mean that noone would need to work in the harsh mining conditions. The government is upset because a populace out of work is an idle populace and idleness promotes political involvement and even rebellion. But the Cartel owns the mines, and they want to use replicants because they are much cheaper than normal workers. Leisarn is a harsh world, and few like to travel there. Even during a short visit, a new comer with feel weary because of the gravity. The sun is almost always obscured by dark clouds, even in the calmer, populated area. Most of the creatures native to the world are extremely strong due to the gravity, and extremely resilient due to the storms. Creatures called land whales inhabit the plains of Leisrn, ignoring the storms as they come and go. They resemble 50’ long whales with very short legs. They move slowly, eating everything in their path metabolizing even soil and rocks with powerful enzymes in their digestive tracts.



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