Human Homeworld


Geideri is the only world named for its star. Originally, it was only called “the world”. This is the birth place of humanity. It is a medium sized world with a diameter of 7500 miles. Two thirds of the surface are covered with water, and the climate varies with proximity to the poles or the equator. Its capitol, Belragor, is perhaps the largest city in the Twenty Worlds. It is the home of the Cartel headquarters, the Halls of the Interworld Senate, the Thremisead Library (the head quarters of the Lorists), Alphon Base (IDF base) and the president of the planet. The gravity and time measurements of this world set the standards for the rest of the Worlds. Many people think of Geideri as a paradise world, and much has been done to keep it that way, and restore areas that required it. Rolling hills, lush forests, serene lakes and clean cities abound. In times of great inter world transport, travel to this world was resticted and kept to a minimum. No such restictions exist now.



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