Water World


Atlasis’ surface is covered with water. In some areas the great ocean is very shallow, forming what other-worlders would call a deep marsh. In such areas, called forest lakes by the local inhabitants, the water is 10 to 20 feet deep. Tree-like plants, based upon the ocean’s bed below, grow up out of the water, forming dense forest-like areas. The forest lakes are usually sheltered by strings of high atolls, too steep and rugged to be habitable. Most of the ocean, however, simply resembles the seas of other planets. In its deepest aeas, the ocean floor is estimated to be more than ten miles below the surface of the water. The open waves are subject to fierce coriolis storms more severe than on any other known world. Most of the population lives in floating cities, constructed primarily of wood obtained from the forest lakes. The cities
are located in the protective areas made by atolls or huge underwater reefs. The capitol, Erthin, is such a city, and is the largest on the world. Here the Grand Matriarch of Atlasis lives and rules the planet. The governmental system is a matriarchal monarchy, and all the important officials in the government are women. The men carry out the economics-the farming, the fishing, etc. The farmers and fishermen of this world are the backbone of the Atlasian economy. Off worlders prize the unique plants and fishes available here, thus in the area of interworld trade (a limited area), the local populace does fairly well. So much needs to be imported to this world, however, that its people are poor by most standards. Import materials include cloth, metals, plastics, and glass. The Atlasians do have substitute materials, however. For example, they use a fine sea weed mesh for cloth, dried fishbone in place of certain metallic objects, etc. The Cartel has little interest in manufacturing at sites here. The population of Atlasis is low, primarily because of the lack of living space. One to two percent of the population are metamorphs with gills or other means to live underwater. Many of the wealthier citizens or groups own replicants with gills. From these underwater cities, most of the inhabitants tend underwater or above water farms. A few fish. As would be expected, there is an abundance of marine life on Atlasis. There are no species of birds, reptiles or mammals, although some amphibious creatures dwell in the forest lakes, either in the water or the trees. Through Sotech science, humans have also developed a Dome fish to carry them through and under the water. A number of large indigenous fish that are captured and trained to use as mounts or to pull boats. There are rumors on Atlasis that a race of water-breathing humanoids dwells beneath the waves of this world. They ride upon huge dinosaur-like fish. It seems to have no basis in fact although it is a colorful local tale.



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