Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

Philanthian Magician


Zed grew up in the Houristan Rainforests on Geideri. He was found by monks as a babe. He was raised here and learned the fundamentals of life from the monks. These monks idealized knowledge and wisdom above all else. One of the monks, Ieara was like a father to Zed. He was the one who named him. Ieara remembered the name from a book he had read as a teenager. Zed may not be “first wizard”, but he was the first wizard Ieara had met. Zed was lighting candles without matches at the age of 5. The elements always seemed to bend for him, fire more so than the others.

Being Philethian Zed aged much slower than the humans he grew up with. At the age of 27 he was but still a child, although they expected much more of him. Zed encountered a hermit in the forest. An old hag named Zelinda. Zed enjoyed playing pranks and lying to the hag to see how much trouble he could cause.

One day walking with Zelinda through the forest he led her through an area with quicksand. He knew that it was there but he told Zelinda that it was safe. When she started to sink, he started laughing. She cursed him telling him that his lies would cause him more pain and suffering than they would anyone else. Three days later the monastery was burned to the ground. Zed was the only survivor. Zed has not told a lie since that day. For the next 6 years, stricken with grief, he tried to rebuild the monastery. He had saved some of the books and relics. His skills with stone however were not good enough to return the monastery to its former glory. He did however construct a mausoleum for the monks that had passed. During this time he also studied all the books that he had managed to salvage, all the ones he could read anyway. He could recite whole volumes from memory.

During Zed’s 34th summer he happened across 2 mages dueling, Ransir and Hastrid. He was so amazed and enthralled by the duel that without realizing it he walked right into the middle. He happened to walk up just as Hastrid was about to finish a spell that would have defeated Ransir. Hastrid now distracted Ransir instead gained victory. Ransir, thankful for the turn of events, befriended Zed. When he discovered Zed’s natural talents he took him on as an apprentice. With Ransir’s knowledge of stone and powers as a wizard the two of them mostly restored the semblance of the monastery. Although without the monks the place felt empty and within a year the two of them left. Although Zed was older than Ransir by a year, Ransir was definitely the more mature. The two became close friends, although Ransir resented Zed a little. The elements came so easily for Zed. He was a natural.

One day while practicing Zed attempted a spell that was way beyond his control. He suffered a major backlash as the magic unleashed itself inside of him. His legs felt as if they were burning from the inside. He could not walk for 3 months and it took him another 2 years to be able to run again. To this day he still cannot walk for more than about 5 hours without needing a long rest. Twelve years later, Ransir and Zed participated in a rebellion against the Cartel. The Cartel was clear-cutting the rainforest to build factories and research stations. The rebellion failed. Zed was one of few survivors. The cartel destroyed the area that Zed grew up in, including the rebuilt monastery. He will never forgive them.

For the next two decades Zed devoted his time to thwart the Cartel. He moved to Alaross where he meet and fell in love with a Human named Krista. Krista was a bureaucrat in the Geideri government. She shared Zed’s hatred for the Cartel. Together they thwarted many of the Cartels plans. Eventually their relationship became about just fighting the Cartel. Feeling neglected, Krista slept with Derran. He was another member of the team that was combating the Cartels industrialization. Devastated, Zed fell apart. He started drinking and wasting away his days. Three months later Krista and the rest of the team were imprisoned for their actions. They were killed in prison within a year.

Later that year he met Captain Ramerez and joined his crew.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander

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