Last Android


The Last Android left


Twenty years ago, Vissa was found unconscious by some hunters in a ravine. When she was brought into their village and revived, she was physically healthy, but had complete amnesia. She adapted well, and found a place within the village, despite her lack of a past. Then, two days ago, a wandering mage declared that he had detected the presence of an evil form of life. He singled out her as an abomination of the forbidden science. She of course denied this claim, for she remembered nothing of her past. She denied this all the while as they bound her and prepared to bum her at the stake. She continued to deny the claim. “I am human!" she cried. To prove his claim, the mage cut her along the side, exposing android parts and fluids rather than blood.
At that traumatic point, her memory came brusting back to her. She burst her bonds with her enhanced strength, and escaped from the astonished crowd. Since then. she has wandered, trying to reach Irkjaff. She remembers now that she was created almost three thousand years ago, and while dwelling in the area, she was greatly damaged. She had lain in the ravine for all of that time, her internal repair systems rebuilding her.

The PCs help save Vissa and turn her over to the Preservationists for repairs.


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