Eurhev Corbacil

Leader of the Preservationists


Eurev is short and has a bit of a hunchback. His white hair is shoulder length, but it is usually pulled back and bound with a cord. He wears a simple shirt and pants, and is hardly ever seen without some Hardtech item in his hands.


Great grandson of the original leader and founder of this reactionary group, Eurhev has attempted to bring new life to the Preservationists. To some extent, over his long career, he has been successful in doing just that. New members are joining all the time, and the Preservationists are represented on every world. It was his idea to produce anti-Sotech propaganda and to lash out at modem ways, rather than to just trying to hang on to the past. It was also his plan to expand the sale of Hardtech, both to raise funds and to propagate its use. His leadership of the group and his methods have come upon much citicism.

He is very old now, and it is assumed that his son, Vectien, will take his place. It is very possible that even unto his actual death, Eurhev will have some hand in the affairs of the organization.

Eurhev Corbacil

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