Shades of Black

Meeting at Retridine

The Group awoke to a bit of a surprise. It seems as though Zed was out last night and came back with some blood on his shoe. Kemper tried to trace it back but lost the trail outside of the ship in the space port. The Group fearing the worst went into the local diner for some breakfast and some gossip. Sure enough there was a murder last night and Joe Ebon was brutally ripped apart. Kemper was able to track the path back to the space port and Riclor determined that there was a demonic prescience in the alleyway. Zed fearing demonic possession (and the rest of the party strongly believing it) went to the library with the group to learn more about demons. They found that there are 2 different ways to get possessed, one to invite the demon in for the power, two have a spell cast on you by a evil spell caster and three become cursed. To remove the possession the ways ranged from a simple spell to killing the person possessed.



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